Call Center Solution

Call centers special offices that are purpose-built to handle a large volume of phone calls. Call centers typically handle customer service, support, telemarketing, tele-sales and collections functions. The employees who staff call centers are referred to as “agents” or “customer service representatives” (frequently abbreviated as CSRs). Call centers range from very small informal operations to massive, highly optimized sites with hundreds or even thousands of agents. Call centers use specialized telephone equipment to maximize productivity. Specialized telephony switching systems called “Automatic Call Distributors” or ACDs are used to queue and route inbound calls to agents based on a wide variety of criteria. Outbound calls are frequently generated by an automated system called a “Predictive Dialer” that monitors the status of agents and place calls on their behalf. Other common call center tools include desktop integration (frequently referred to as “screen pop”), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications, call recording solutions, productivity monitoring utilities, workforce planning systems and various methods of historical and near real-time reporting.

Our Expertise

  • Asterisk Based Call Center Complete Setup
  • Digium Switchwox complete setup and support
  • Panasonic PBX & FreePBX system configurations
  • Telecom E1/PRI link integration and setup
  • Commercial negotiation with Local Telecoms
  • Short-Code and Long Number acquiring and setup
  • Toll Free number
  • Call Center Agent outsourcing
  • SIP Trunk configurations
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