Clients and Partners

The success of Identity Infotech depends on our clients and partners. Your company needs our IT applications and we need you! Our partners are Telecom Solution Providers, IT companies, info-management, web and IT consultants, trainers who are close to their clients and who can advise them and best train them on our services.

Our partnering programs were created for you, according to your needs and those of your clients, since you provide an added value to our solutions.

Our focus has always been on creating value for our partners and customers. We have achieved this through our portfolio of productized solutions that not only enhance the end-user’s experience but also improve our partners’ business performance. We have enabled this by deploying solutions that legacy investments and have incorporated advanced technology, service delivery and management techniques into application, platform and service offerings.

Looking to become partner with us?

The application is open to companies and independents who can justify a confirmed activity built around our solutions. Companies submit their application via our contact page.


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