Mobile VAS

IIT surpasses its competition by offering a comprehensive, custom or off-the-shelf Next Generation Mobile Value-Added-Services (VAS) product line that adapts to all types of core networks, from legacy TDM, 2G, 3G, to LTE, pre-IMS and IMS networks, and serves multiple markets, from online service providers to mobile, landline, business and MVNO operators.

Our applications servers are organized by families of services including Mobile Messaging (SMS), IVR, Mobile Financial Services and Content Platform. IIT in-house technical team allow us to develop custom VAS solution based on new ideas and requirements of Telecoms.

IIT developed, installed and customized many mobile value-added services in Afghanistan. IIT assists operators and service providers in shaping their services innovation. IIT Next Generation software technology enables legacy system replacement, as well as innovative service launches in the areas of SMS broadcasting, Call Completion, convergence management, virtual numbers and social telephony, convergent charging, Mobile Wallet, virtual contact center solutions, call control and routing.

Our Value Proposal

  • Innovative solutions in the areas of mobile messaging, call completion, social telephony and convergent charging
  • Native convergence capabilities (network, devices, and user experience convergence)
  • Applications based on web services and web languages to shorten integration delays and accelerate TTM
  • Flexible service creation environments to enable accurate customization of solutions and adaptation to market needs
  • Cloud compatible technology

Our VAS products and services include

  • SMS and IVR Solutions
  • Emergency Credit Loan
  • Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT)
  • Messaging (A2P, M2M and P2P)

Contact us if you would like a personalized consultation to discuss how implementing IIT solutions can help your company achieve its growth and performance objectives now and into the future.

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