Mobile Topup

The Electronic Topup (eTopup) solution is a distribution mechanism to replace physical prepaid top-up vouchers with virtual voucher-less airtime. The solution implements a hierarchical distribution model for distributors, sub-distributors, and retailers and moves virtual airtime value between these entities in real-time.

The operator defines the business rules including the distribution hierarchy, pricing, discounts, and commissions. The commission structure is flexible, and all commissions are calculated automatically in real-time. All transactions are secure and are verified before being committed. A transaction can be reversed at any stage prior to being committed.

Operators maintain control over the distribution network, top-up products, pricing, and margin, ensuring adequate sales coverage across their entire distributor and customer base while being shielded from direct reseller management and associated costs. Prepaid Operators can achieve savings in the areas of voucher production, warehousing, distribution, and fraud while offering an improved top-up service for their customers.

“280 Pay” Platform

Today, airtime recharge management has become a major business process challenge for Telecom Operators. Identity Infotech developed a centralized cloud-based e-Topup and e-Voucher management and distribution platform.

The platform is developed using latest software and server technologies and is multi-channel solution that give flexibility to Distributors and Agents. Our solution is deployed in the cloud that will reduce CAPEX and can be customizable with client requirements.

IIT’s platform is able to manage long number of transactions efficiently and securely and working through USSD, SMS, Social Media, Mobile Application (iOS and Android). The platform is expandable through REST API and can be integrate with Kiosk and POS machines.

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