Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

Innovative In-App Purchase Experience There are several payment methods in the mobile payment ecosystem. App stores typically use the customer’s own credit cards for billing purposes. Whilst this has proven a robust and largely efficient method for app stores to collect payments. It is arguably not a panacea. Over recent years, Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) has become an increasingly popular method for app stores to bill their customers.

In simple terms, DCB allows customers to buy digital content by adding the purchase cost directly to their mobile phone bill. DCB has been historically been available in several forms, including payments via premium-rate SMS and premium-rate calls. However, the technology has seen significant evolution in recent years, now including payments for digital content. Identity Infotech developed its own Carrier Billing Platform that can be integrate to Telecom Operators and also has capability to integrate in 3rd party mobile application. Currently due to iOS App Store terms and conditions, our API is only available for Android Applications.

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